Cities with the Best Street Art

Cities with the Best Street Art


More and more people are taking an interest in the arts. Artists are now able to display their work on a large scale. There are many towns that are allowing artists to design the walls of buildings, sidewalks, and statues. These are the top cities with the best street art. Know how many carbs in a cup of watermelon too!



Mexico City, Mexico


This city has some incredible murals and status on display. They cover symbols from the Aztec Gods and make the city bring and colorful. All City Canvas was a project the city just completed. This project took the work of 9 artists from all over the world to paint the buildings.

London, United Kingdom


The street art and the murals on the buildings are very colorful and well done. There is even a well-designed state of a blue rooster that sits in Trafalgar Square. A visitor can see everything from giant portraits to colorful sea creatures painted on the buildings.


Rishikesh, India


This town in northern India takes a small city and dresses it up with beautiful works of art. The paintings can be found on the walls of buildings, roofs, and all throughout this town. Most of the art is a tribute to the spirits that the town people worship. They feel that by displaying them in the town they are honoring their gods.


Toronto, Canada


This city is very diverse and honors the diverse people that live there through the artwork on their buildings. Spadina Ave and Queen Street West are some of the most colorful places in the entire city. They are repainted annually which will allow artists to give a new look to the city. Urban artists from all over the world travel to Toronto to display their images.


Granada, Spain


This city has some of the most beautiful artwork displayed in the world. There is a well-known artist called El Nino de las Pinturas that has turned the building walls of this town for canvas for his artwork. Some of the paintings contain quotes are well that makes a person stop and think. The artists even paint the shutters of widows of the stores. If a person is not from the area they often think that the store is closed. Many shop owners allow artists to work on their buildings since they are getting one of kind works of art.


St. Petersburg, Florida


This city is known for its unique artwork. The downtown area has a number of murals everywhere. They are on the walls of buildings and have been painted by local artists. Located downtown is also the Florida Craft Art Gallery to see more of the works for the local artists. A person can enjoy the sun and artwork at the same time.


These are some of the cities with the best street artwork. These cities have allowed artists to make them colorful and bring in people from all over the world to see their original art. They have taken forms such as graffiti and turned it into works of art.